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Behavior Modification

Private Sessions are programs catered to your specific needs. Using Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Modification, we develop a special training and behavioral management plan that meets your specific goals. We address your concerns about your pet’s behavior and offer positive and alternative ways of working with your pet to obtain the results you desire. Communication between you and your dog or other pet is key to getting the behavior you desire.

Behavior Modification covers many behaviors. This issues and behaviors we commonly address include, but are not limited to (using dog examples):

Jumping On The Family, Furniture, And Guests Entering The Home
Aggressing / Growling / Barking / Charging People Or Dogs, In Or Out Of Your Home
Lack of Boundaries (covers many behaviors)
Potty Training
Fear Based Behaviors
Loose Leash Walking (not your dog walking you)
Mouthing and Nipping
Chewing Furniture Or Other Objects
Teaching Your Dog To Get Out Of The Pool

Behavior Modification Training addresses many unwanted behaviors. Many behaviors occur only in the home, another location, or under certain circumstances. Your best chance for success is to train in that environment by recreating those circumstances. Polite Greeting of Guests and Pool Training are examples of behaviors that need to be taught in your environment. Although most dogs can swim, they need to know where the stairs are to know the way out. Note: It is not true that all Bulldogs can not swim. Jacqueline once taught a family with an American Bulldog, French Bulldog, and a Pug how to swim back to the stairs. Yes, those were very funny training sessions.

Behavioral issues can arise whether you have a new pet, or are having issues with a pet you have had since he or she was 8 weeks old. We can address a behavior your pet has just acquired or one that has been an ongoing issue for some time. Of course, the sooner you address an undesirable behavior or issue, the sooner you can begin to change it. The longer you wait to begin training, the longer it will take to diminish the behavior. (You have probably heard a similar story from your dentist and your mechanic.)

We believe in increasing your dog’s confidence as many problem behaviors dogs exhibit are simply a lack of confidence. We can begin working on this before starting your dog in a group class. Positive Reinforcement ensures that your dog will repeat behaviors that give them positive results.

Many dogs are distracted easily. Starting with private sessions teaches the dog to focus on you. Once the dog has learned a few behaviors, we are ready to” take it on the road”. Are there multiple people in hour home? It is recommended that we train your entire family at your home for your first session so everyone is on the same page. You can follow up training with classes or have more private sessions.

Private Sessions run approximately one hour. The first session is typically longer and usually lasts one and a half hours. Prices below assume driving time will be within 40 minutes of Studio City. We can accommodate further distances for an additional driving fee.

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