Confidence Building

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Confidence Building

Confidence Building Through Tricks & Agility

Set Your Dog Up For Success: This class is designed for fearful dogs and puppies. We build confidence using agility equipment and trick training which translates into the real world for you and your dog.

Playing on the equipment and learning tricks with positive reinforcement helps your dog deal with scary situations. They learn that, with your guidance, they will be safe. This class is great for the reactive dogs as well. Most of the aggression we see is fear aggression due to lack of confidence. Come play with your dog, build a stronger bond, and help them become more confident.

This is a 4 week course meeting one hour each week.
The price is $125 for the entire 4 weeks.

Improve your training skills by 300% in only 2 hours.
The Precision Timing/Clicker Workshop is recommended for all handlers
and is a prerequisite for some of the more advanced classes.

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