Intermediate Obedience/AKC – CGC

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Intermediate Obedience/AKC – CGC

Intermediate Obedience – AKC – Canine Good Citizen Testing

AKC - Canine Good Citizen TestingThe Intermediate class prepares you and your dog to pass the AKC – Canine Good Citizen Test.
This is a regular Intermediate class, teaching your dog every day skills.  We use the CGC criteria as a goal to reach desired behaviors in public.  It is our syllabus, but it is written by someone other than us.

The majority of the dogs that complete the Intermediate Class pass their CGC the first time.  We practice the behaviors you will be expected to complete during the CGC test until you and your dog are comfortable enough to take and pass the test.  If you would like your dog to be more comfortable in public and have a better trust level with you and others, this class will help you achieve that goal.  You do not have to take the AKC – CGC Test to take this class.

These behaviors include:

  • Sitting politely for petting and grooming (brush only).
  • Having a stranger pet, brush, and handle your dog’s feet and ears
  • Taking your dog “Out For A Walk” (Loose leash walking exercise)
  • Doing a “sit” and “down” and staying in that position as you walk 20 feet away
  • Staying and then come from 20 feet
  • Walking through a crowd of people and one dog and not try to greet anyone
  • Having you and another person with a dog greet each other and have the dogs sit and not try to meet the person or the dog
  • Be desensitized to strange, loud, and unusual noises and props
  • “Supervised Separation”: Allow a stranger to hold his/her leash and be calm when you leave for 3 minutes

This is a 5 week course meeting one hour each week.  The price is $135 for the entire 5 weeks. The CGC testing (if within our group) is free with this class.  Those who did not take our Intermediate Obedience Class pay $25 for the testing.   CGC Testing occurs approximately 4 times a year at a different location than the class is held.  Date of the test varies and may not be held the week after the Intermediate class graduates.

Improve your training skills by 300% in only 2 hours.
The Precision Timing/Clicker Workshop is recommended for all handlers
and is a prerequisite for some of the more advanced classes.

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