Rocket Recall/Wait

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Rocket Recall/Wait

Rocket Recall AKA Come, Wait, Crate

This class focuses on 3 behaviors: Come, Wait and Crate  Your dog will learn to Come when called and Wait at doors, baby gates, curbs, etc.

As a bonus, your dog will learn to love going into and staying in a crate. You never need to use a crate; we use it as a fun and effective tool for teaching come and wait. If you want to crate train your dog, they will adopt the crate as their “safe place” or “den” using these techniques.  This is a 4 week course meeting one hour each week.

The price is $125 for the entire 4 weeks.

Improve your training skills by 300% in only 2 hours.
The Precision Timing/Clicker Workshop is recommended for all handlers
and is a prerequisite for some of the more advanced classes.

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