Precision Timing / Clicker Workshop

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Precision Timing / Clicker Workshop

Precision Timing / Clicker Workshop

Increase your trainer skills by 300%. In 2 just hours you will learn what only the best animal trainers know; how it feels to be the dog. As well as learning more than any book can teach you, this is one of the most fun workshops you will ever attend!!!

This workshop hones your timing skills. Timing is everything when it comes to training. Do you feel like your dog does not understand you?  Do you have excessive barking or impulse control behaviors you would like to get under control?  Are you at a plateau communicating with your dog or training specific behaviors?  Is it time to wean off treats or teach fun tricks?

Get the behaviors you desire faster, easier, and with less stress for you and your dog.

This workshop is for people only, as you get to BE THE DOG and the trainer.  This will give you a better understanding of what it feels like to be your dog.

This is a one day, 2 hour workshop.
The price is $55 for one person, $85 for two people.

Get your discount on the Precision Timing / Clicker Workshop by signing up for it along with a class at the same time. ($50 for one person $75 for two people when combined with any class.)

Improve your training skills by 300% in only 2 hours.
The Precision Timing/Clicker Workshop is recommended for all handlers
and is a prerequisite for some of the more advanced classes.

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